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by Siciliana Vini


Cooking a recipe allows us to find the essence of a dish. Through the meticulous knowledge of the procedure and raw materials, the dish is expressed in its essence; it expresses itself without delay and deception.

Good wine is good, indeed, it is very good and scientists tell us. In fact, adding a moderate amount of wine (1 maximum 2 glasses a day, preferably with meals), can also bring benefits to physical and psychological health.

Luckily, who doesn't love drinking a glass of wine at dinner or when going out with friends?

I have collected four good reasons to drink a good glass of wine, after a long day of work in company or, simply, to selfishly enjoy a moment of personal pleasure, a simple refuge from the daily frenzy.

1. Physical health . Here you can indulge yourself. Among the notable benefits are:

- those contributing to the digestive system, thanks to the active ferments present;

- the presence of antioxidants contribute to the "fight against free radicals";

- reducing the risk of heart disease, heart attack and type 2 diabetes;

- lowering cholesterol and controlling blood sugar.

2. Psychological health . Good wine promotes relaxation. Nobody swallows wine. Whether you are enjoying a glass alone, at the end of the day, or with a group of friends, a glass of wine encourages you to relax, slow down and enjoy the moment. When paired with food, wine enhances and improves the taste sensation. It therefore has a positive psychological effect.

3. Stimulate creativity. Charles Baudelaire in " The Flowers of Evil" says that wine represents an opportunity for reflection, starting from the physicality of the wine itself, on man's ability to "get drunk", that is, to be full of vitality, will and passions and, above all, creativity in the course of one's life to deceive "the horrible burden of time". The wine is exalted by the "cursed poet" as a medium, as a means to free oneself from the laces of the contingent and reach a dimension of flight, poetry, connections, in a sort of all-round drunkenness.

4. Does wine give life to friendship, or " friendship is the wine of life "? (cit. Edward Young). A bit like all Marzullian questions, the answer is both. Certainly, without wine, man is a boring being, too serious and dedicated only to everyday problems, on the contrary encouraged by a good glass of wine, he opens up to relationships and friendships become an interesting instrument of happiness.

New label of the Grillo vine produced with Sicilian grapes. Grillo Roceno DOC Sicilia is characterized by a deep straw yellow color, the nose is fine, elegant with hints of white peach and yellow melon. In the mouth it shows all its elegance and persistence.

In this section we will tell our wines through leading personalities of the company to give voice to their emotions during the discovery of the tasting.

The emotions of others can be anyone's. The wine also lays bare the true personality of those who taste it and fall in love with it.

The great writers, thinkers and poets have always wanted and known how to describe this fascinating nectar in aphorisms and quotations of great expressive force.

Wine elevates the soul and thoughts, and anxieties move away from the heart of man.

Pindar (about 518 BC - about 438 BC)

Wine prepares hearts and makes them more ready for passion.

Ovid (43 BC - 17 AD)

How true it is that there is truth in wine, I will tell you everything, without secrets.

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1623)

Wine loves me and seduces me only to the point where his and my spirit entertain in friendly conversation .

Hermann Hesse (1877 - 1962)

Water divides men; wine unites them.

Libero Bovio (1883 - 1942)